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No. In fact, self storage represents a highly affordable solution to safely storing valuables such as vintage cars, collectables, and wines, and creating more space around your home or workplace. 

Plus, when you choose Wallaby Storage, you get to choose how much or little space you need so you never pay for space that you don’t need. And our flexible rental terms mean that you can store for as long or as short a time as you need and scale your unit up or size down whenever you need to.

Not if you pack them properly. In fact, people often use self storage to store winter clothes in summer (and vice versa), as well as sports clothes, snow gear and much more. For tips and advice on how to store your clothes and other items properly, take a look at our Storage Tips.

We take the security of your stored items very seriously and do everything we can to ensure that our site is fully protected by the latest security systems including electronic security gates, keypad access control, floodlights, fencing, partols and 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

You can help by ensuring that your stored items are properly insured against fire, flood and theft.

Stacking tyres in storage is generally okay, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your tyres remain in good condition:

  • Proper stacking: When stacking tyres, make sure to stack them horizontally, one on top of the other. Avoid stacking them on their sides or standing them upright, as this can lead to deformation or damage to the tyres.
  • Use tyre racks or platforms: To prevent tyres from resting directly on top of each other, it’s a good practice to use tyre racks or platforms. These provide support and help distribute the weight evenly, reducing the risk of flat spots or distortion.
  • Avoid overloading: Do not stack too many tyres on top of one another, as excessive weight can cause damage. Be mindful of the recommended height and weight limits for your tyre storage.
  • Rotate tyres: If you’re storing a set of four tyres, consider rotating their position periodically to prevent deformities. This can be done by moving the bottom tyre to the top of the stack and vice versa.
  • Clean dry storage unit: Ensure the storage area is clean and dry. Moisture and environmental factors can degrade the rubber over time, leading to dry rot and other damage.
  • Protect from sunlight: If your storage area is exposed to direct sunlight, consider covering the tyres or using tyre covers to protect them from UV rays, which can cause premature ageing and deterioration.
  • Check tyre pressure: Before stacking the tyres, make sure they are properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Underinflated tyres are more susceptible to flat spots.
  • Regular inspection: Periodically inspect the tyres for any signs of damage or deformation. If you notice any issues, take appropriate action to address them.

By following these guidelines and taking proper precautions, you can safely stack tyres in storage without causing damage or compromising their quality.

Our online and on-site box shop has professional moving boxes, tape, packing materials perfect for moving house, changing offices or simply getting organised.

You’ll find everything you need to pack, move and store your items safely and securely. Even if you’re not storing with us you still can order packing materials online and click and collect at any of our storage facility

Yes. Our climate controlled wine storage units are ideal for storing your wine collection. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you’ll find the right space for your wine whether you’re storing a special bottle or two or the collection of a lifetime. With 24/7 access and top-level security, you can store with confidence, knowing your wines are safe and easily accessible.

White wine is best cellared between 12–14°C. Our climate controlled wine storage is maintained at 14°C with 65% humidity to ensure the best possible conditions for your wine collection.

Yes. You can use our van for free for the first two hours while you move into your storage unit (conditions apply). Need more than two hours? No worries, we’ll hire the van to you at a very competitive, all inclusive hourly rate. In fact, you can hire a van from us whenever you need to transport heavy or bulky items.

Storage unit prices depend on how much space you rent. So, the cheapest storage units will be the smallest ones. At Wallaby Storage we offer a variety of unit sizes ranging from 3 cubic metres to 50 cubic metres, so you only ever pay for the space you need.

There are no cameras inside the units, although you can install these if desired. For maximum security, the entryways to our storage unit and every square inch of our site is monitored 24/7 by a state-of-the-art security system to ensure the safety of storers and their possessions. For our storer’s peace of mind, we provide after hours on-site patrol and off-site monitoring by trusted security company every single night.

There are a few options that you can use, including:

  • Tyre cradles or tyre stands: These specially designed cradles or stands are placed under each tyre to evenly distribute the weight and prevent flat spots. They help maintain the shape of the tyres.
  • Plywood sheets: Place sheets of plywood under the tyres to create a barrier between the rubber and the concrete or storage surface. This can help prevent moisture from the ground affecting the tyres.
  • Car mats or carpet off-cuts: You can use old car mats or sections of carpet as padding under the tyres. Make sure they are clean and free of debris that could damage the tyres.
  • Commercial tyre socks or covers: You can also purchase tyre socks or covers designed for long-term car storage. These protect the tyres from moisture, dust, and UV exposure.

Other ways to avoid flat spots include:

  • Keeping the tyres inflated to the recommended pressure can also help prevent flat spots. Check the car’s manual for the correct tyre pressure.
  • Periodically moving the vehicle: If possible, move the vehicle every few weeks. If you’re storing the car for an extended period, consider taking it for a short drive to warm up the tyres and keep the battery in good condition.

Yes. With our flexible rental terms, you can rent your storage unit on a month to month basis for as little as one month or for as long as you like.

Yes. We provide a variety of storage solutions to suit all types of businesses. With our onsite hot desks, office space and business amenities, you can even run your business and store inventory, tools, equipment and vehicles on a single conveniently located site. We also accept deliveries, manage your inventory and much more. See our business storage page.

Red wine is best cellared between 12–14°C. Our climate controlled wine storage is maintained at 14°C with 65% humidity to ensure the best possible conditions for your wine collection.

There’s no need to arrange removalists. If you only have a few items to move, you can rent one of our reliable vans or trucks. If you have a bigger load, simply speak to our friendly team and we’ll organise one of our removalist partners to pack and transport your items to your storage unit.

If you have more questions or would like specific advice, reach out to our friendly team of storage experts today. We love talking about all things storage and will be happy to help.

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"You made selecting a storage unit and setting up an account so smooth"

"Thank you for your outstanding service recently. You made selecting a storage unit and setting up an account so smooth, efficient and professional that it was simple and reduced my stress significantly. Looking forward to a wonderful experience now that I’m decluttering my life using your facilities!" - Sue W.

“Easy and seamless”

"Thanks for all the personal service, and for taking care of the move-in. It can get so stressful when moving. Michaela was great and made sure it was easy and seamless. I recommend the Wallaby Storage team." - Gayle S.

“Such personal help and service”

"Such good access, and such personal help and service. Thanks Wallaby Storage for making it so pleasant, and especially the comps coffee at Morris Moor.  So easy. Thank you." - Alec S.

"Secure and convenient"

Michaela was very helpful and answered all of our questions.  Michaela's friendly demeanour and communication made our choice of storing our stuff at the facility easier.  The facility is easy to access and is secure and clean - Geraldine S.

"Clean, neat and tidy"

The access to the facility is easy and the storage unit areas inside are very clean, neat and tidy. Michaela was a wonderful assistance, very pleasant and friendly and I would highly recommend – Simon B.

"I highly recommend Wallaby Storage"

"I highly recommend Wallaby Storage. Michaela proved instrumental in swiftly identifying a storage unit that not only met my space specifications but was also well-suited for securely housing all my belongings. Notably, Michaela presented me with various options that aligned with my budgetary constraints. The facilities at Wallaby Storage significantly eased this burden. The well-designed facilities simplified the unloading and transportation of items to the storage shed, contributing to a seamless experience. Moreover, the cleanliness of the facilities added to the overall positive impression. I wholeheartedly endorse Wallaby Storage and am grateful for making an informed choice in entrusting the storage of my family's belongings to their facilities." - Clayton W.


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