Wedding Storage Solutions: Organising Your Journey to ‘I Do’

16 April, 2024

Two people getting married

Your wedding, everyone has that idea of having a dream wedding. But no one is quite prepared for what happens between the moment you say “yes” to the day that you say “I do”. You are ready for the countless decisions you will need to make between what type of font to use on your invite and the flavour of icing in your cake. However, the amount of clutter in your living area was not what you had prepared for. Bridal books, samples, congratulatory gifts, bits of the wedding attire, and the list goes on. Let this guide help whip your wedding clutter in shape, saving not just your wedding but also your sanity from going into haywire. 


Why You Need Storage When Getting Married

Different websites and bridal books may say differently on when you should start planning your wedding, but the norm is around 12 months. In those 12 months your living space will start to fill up with important things at different stages. In the beginning you will feel that you are on top of it, it’s not that much, you will only need the dining table. The closer to the big day, the sheer volume of things (from the table centre pieces to the flower girls baskets) will take over your home like a Ghostbusters blub monster. And this is where smart storage solutions come in to save your big day and your last nerve. Getting a dedicated area just for your wedding stuff not only declutters your home, but it will also keep the quality, sentiment and quantity together and intact. For example, not having the wedding attire, which was very expensive, stored in a safe place will become tempting for your wedding party to try on every chance they get. Or the last few weeks before the wedding, you get bombarded with wedding gifts of relatives and friends that are unable to attend. Putting them in a dedicated space will give you time to go through them and also keep them safe. And even when you start to combine your two households, chances are that you will be doubling down on household items. This means that you will need time (and space) to decide who’s toaster will be better to use and who’s will need to get donated. The need for a dedicated storage area is more than just convenient. It helps you with transitioning into married life, bringing down stress levels, and makes you focus on what really matters – the joy of getting married.

Wedding rings on the top of a flower bouquet

Combining Households

There is no set in stone time when to combine households. It can be before the big “yes” or even after the “I do”. But one thing is for certain, there will be doubling down on many household items. From cutlery, appliances, towels and even electronics. It’s not only trying to merge tastes together in one home, it’s also about lifestyles, habits and preferences that need to tango together here. Although communication and compromises are a huge factor, storage and sorting is what will make this easier. 

  • Get a self storage Moorabbin unit that you believe is big enough to fit everything in. Make sure that you add a bit more space so that you can move around the unit easily without worrying that you will bump into a side table and get bruised before the big day.
  • Next, you will need boxes and containers. Use strong boxes that will not collapse or fold because of weight. Containers, especially clear ones, are great options for small items.
  • Labels or black markers are your saving grace in this instance and will save you time later when you need to go through it.

Make sure that when you pack the household items in boxes, the boxes are clearly marked. Kitchen, bathroom, collection, books and so on. If more boxes are used for the same area, mark it with a 1 and 2. Pro tip, make up an inventory list of what you are putting in which box. For example, Kitchen 1 has the cutlery and coffee cups and Kitchen 2 has the pots and pans. Do not put the list in the boxes, but rather on a digital file. Papers get misplaced, and then you’re back at opening every box looking for that special bath towel. For electronics and furniture, cover them with a sheet to help prevent dust from getting on them. And be smart with your storage packing – put the things you don’t need quick access to at the back, and heavy stuff at the bottom.

Take your time when sorting and combining your households. There is no secret formula, you and your partner are creating your own life formula now. 


Wedding Items

There are many pieces, big and small, that will need to be put together to create your magic day. And your living area is not geared-up to handle it all with the care that it needs. Multiple storage solutions will make sure everything is ready and whole when the big day comes. 

  • Clear boxes are ideal to put your items in. From your printed programs to the wedding favours.
  • Use tissue paper around delicate items like beads, wiry items and so on.
  • Bubble wrap anything glass or breakable.
  • Boxes are great for linen like your table cloths, napkins and chair covers. Boxes will also work if you have many of the same item.
  • Label every box! Even if it’s a clear container, it’s easier and quicker to read big words, then lifting a few lids to make sure you grabbed the right container.
  • Have an extra check list in your storage container that tells you what you have in there. Preparing for your wedding is stressful and caustic, there will be instances when you can’t remember if you already put the box with the custom made cake topper and plate in the storage unit or not.


Wedding Attire

The wedding attire is not just about the bridal dress, although it is the show stopper of the day. It’s everything from the flower girl dresses, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen suits and even the mother dresses. Shoes, hair accessories, suspenders, bowties, stockings and more. You don’t want anything to be smushed inside a closet for a few weeks and run the risk of accidents happening to them before your big day. Storage solutions specific for these photo-op clothes will keep them secure. 

  • You will need a high enough movable clothing rail in your storage unit.
  • Make sure all of the clothes are in garment bags – if they are hanging free they will run the risk of collecting dust, discolorations and even accidental tares and spills. 
  • Put the shoes in clear containers and have them labelled with the person’s name who should wear them.
  • With the hair accessories, jewellery, suspenders, bowties, neckties, stockings and gloves, create separate containers for each person with their collection of goodies in it. This will make the distribution on the big day much quicker and easier.
  • Have spares on hand – especially earring butterflies, extra hair accessories and stockings. Let’s not tempt Murphy’s law.
  • Make sure that you remove the clothes around two to three days before and have them aired, drycleaned or pressed to remove any wrinkles.
  • And after the big day, you will already have all you will need to safely store them again.


Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are just as generous gifts from loved ones as those you put money into your honeymoon fund. But the big problem is more of where to put them? If these are functional gifts that you need everyday like a blender, you can easily merge it with your kitchen.

  • If they are seasonal gifts that are more suited for Christmas, like a green and red gravy boat, use stackable clear boxes and wrap them appropriately with either bubble wrap or tissue paper. Label the boxes specifically and put them in your storage unit with the rest of your seasonal goods. If it’s glass, remember to write fragile very big on the container. 
  • Occasional gifts like special-occassion serveware or linens can also be stored in clear storage containers and put in an accessible (yet out of the way) place in your home. This can be on high shelves in your closet or even under the bed. Don’t leave them open or else they will become sticky and covered with dust. 
  • Open display shelves in your living room can be put up for those trinkets that you would like to incorporate in your home. Just remember that although they are not in storage, they can still collect dust, so regular dusting is necessary. 
  • Using the vertical space in your home smartly with wall-mounted racks and hooks, not only enhances the autistics, but also creates storage solutions.

Even though sentiments might run high with the influx of wedding gifts, don’t become a hoarder. Rather use clever storage solutions to stay organised and leave your living area how it should be, an area to live in.

Gifts on table with flowers on them

Sentimental Items 

Your wedding will leave behind numerous treasured keepsakes to remind you of its joy and romance. 

  • Pictures, guest books, and personalised decorations all capture these sentimental memories as keepsakes to cherish. Preserving these keepsakes not only ensures the memories will live on for future generations but also helps prevent degradation over time. When storing precious keepsakes such as these, using acid-free boxes and photo albums may be the best solution. 
  • Size and security should both be key factors when choosing a storage unit, to ensure your sentimental items remain in mint condition. 
  • Another tip would be to digitally archive your photos or documents for easy revisiting or sharing with loved ones later. By combining storage solutions with modern technology, your wedding day memories can remain vivid for years to come, enabling you to relive them whenever desired.


After the Wedding

Although your big day may have come and gone, the memories it created remain. As part of a post-wedding organisation it’s essential that you determine how best to store away all of the mementoes that made it so memorable. Each item that holds sentimental value at your venue deserves careful preservation, which is where a self-storage unit can prove indispensable. Opting for a self-storage unit provides a safe and spacious place for you to store all of your wedding keepsakes. Instead of filling up closets or basement spaces with them, it provides dedicated space where they’re safe from damage, dust, and pests. Whatever memories from your wedding are most dear, self-storage units make the process seamless and hassle-free, ensuring tangible reminders of love stay intact for years after.


DIY and Professional Storage Options

In terms of wedding storage solutions, choosing between DIY and professional options is often an integral factor when couples consider how best to preserve their precious wedding day memories. 

DIY storage solutions can be an economical and personalised way to manage and organise items. Utilising storage bins with climate control features in one’s closet or basement allows individuals to easily access wedding keepsakes at any time of day or night. However, this method requires considerable investment of both time and resources in order to create the optimal conditions for preservation, including managing factors like light exposure, humidity levels, and temperature control. 

Professional storage options provide peace of mind through enhanced security features, and often insurance coverage for stored items. These facilities offer optimal preservation environments to safeguard valuables against environmental damages, theft and loss without the hassle of daily management. Though professional storage solutions have higher financial costs compared to DIY approaches, their advantages of expertise, convenience, and advanced protection often outweigh this investment for many couples. 

The decision between DIY and professional solutions ultimately depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, and the value placed on ensuring longevity for those irreplaceable wedding day memories.


Maintaining Harmony at Home

Applying Feng Shui principles to wedding storage solutions offers an innovative solution to maintaining harmony and positive energy at home. This ancient Chinese art focuses on organising and decorating spaces to achieve balance and promote the flow of chi, or life force, into them. Applying Feng Shui principles to the storage of wedding keepsakes can create a meaningful ritual, further strengthening their shared environment. Selecting storage locations that conform to a Bagua map – an ancient diagram which depicts key aspects of life such as love, health and prosperity – can enhance positive memories associated with your wedding day. Utilising materials associated with each of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) can also contribute to maintaining balance in our lives. For example, wooden chests or silk pouches for wedding photos or invitations can bring new beginnings alive as they give energy associated with growth and change. Feng Shui wedding storage offers more than physical protection, it creates an atmosphere of harmony and gratitude essential to marriage. Couples can use Feng Shui’s holistic approach to wedding storage to honour both their past while cultivating their future together.


Different Types of Wedding Storage Solutions

There are various wedding memory storage options that are as varied and customised as the ceremonies themselves. 

  • Traditional storage choices usually consist of visually appealing boxes, such as handmade keepsake crates or keepsake chests, that provide the ideal setting to store small mementos like invitations, vows, or dried flowers. These boxes not only protect items but can be integrated seamlessly into home decor. 
  • For those with an affinity for organisation and visibility, clear storage containers may offer the perfect solution. 
  • Garment bags provide couples with easy and safe storage solutions for wedding attire. An airtight garment bag will help prevent yellowing of fabric and preserve its condition over time, keeping your wedding gown and suit looking their best for years to come. 
  • And with storage solutions such as acid-free paper for wrapping items, silica gel packets for moisture control, and archival-quality boxes for photographs available now, these memories can also be safeguarded with ease for future generations to remember their wedding celebration.
  • Modern storage solutions exist as an additional way of keeping wedding memories alive. Thanks to technology, digital storage has become an attractive solution for archiving photos, videos and other digital files from weddings. Google Drive or Dropbox offer secure solutions that offer easy access.



Walking down the aisle doesn’t need to involve tripping over boxes in the living room. With some planning, creativity, and organisation skills in play, your journey toward “I do” can be just as magical and orderly. Remember, when planning weddings or merging lives together can get overwhelming at times. Having everything in its place can make all the difference in creating an easy life together. Here’s to an enjoyable wedding journey and a clutter-free life together. Contact Wallaby Storage today!


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