Garage Vs. Vehicle Storage: Unveiling The Superiority Of Professional Care

19 January, 2024

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Buying a new vehicle can be thrilling, and recent Statista data suggests over a million new vehicles were sold in Australia in 2022 alone. However, things can be a bit complicated when you have to figure out where to park your new vehicle. Perhaps your set of wheels, let’s say a snow-ready car or convertible, is for seasonal use, yet you are unable to find an appropriate place to park it. There are many options to consider, from vehicle storage to garage, street parking, and so on. The type of storage you choose can help you avoid severe issues while preventing potential problems from developing and minor ones from becoming worse. 

The article will focus on two of the main options; garage vs vehicle – highlighting which one is superior for your professional car care. 

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Home Garage – Pros And Cons 

The initial place many people consider when it comes to where to keep vehicles is the garage. This makes sense, especially when it’s close to home. Several researches reveal that garages are a standard feature in the average Australian property. It provides immediate access to your car, helps you save money on any extra cost you may incur to access the vehicle, and enjoy some level of protection from the weather. Storing your vehicle in your garage is convenient. Yet, there are many reasons why you should reconsider your options. Below are a few cons for using the garage for your vehicle storage; 

  • Lack of Space

The biggest disadvantage of keeping your vehicle in the garage is the unavailability of space. This is especially the case if you have several drivers in your home and your two-car garage runs out of room. Even renting an apartment without your own garage can hit you hard in the wallet if you own multiple cars. For homeowners without garage space, the street might seem like the next best option. Unfortunately, some homeowner associations prohibit street parking and might slap a fine on offenders. 

  • Security Concerns 

As a vehicle owner, you may sometimes be worried about somebody breaking into your garage and making away with your valuables, especially your car. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 3.5% of households suffered a break-in, while 4% experienced property damage in 2021. Another research by Compare the Market also says that one in ten vehicles was broken into in 2023. Therefore, it’s prudent to consider the security of your vehicle when storing in your garage.

  • Accidental Damages In The Garage

Your garage may provide some protection against hail and rain, but accidents do happen, and this area may not be foolproof. Several factors can make your car unsafe when sitting in your own garage. For instance, if your garage serves as storage for other household items or you have your little ones running around, they might leave some love marks on your vehicle while searching for toys or bikes. Also, street parking is not safe since scrapes, hit-and-runs, and even a sneaky catalytic converter thief could be lurking around the corner. 

  • Risk Of Damp 

Some garages are extremely cold due to no heating and poor ventilation. It’s easy to think this doesn’t matter, but it could pose potential damage to your vehicle, especially when it’s wet. This is a major concern since your car may be exposed to rust quicker, or you could end up with frozen puddles when the temperature drops. So, keep an eye out for dampness when storing your vehicle in the garage.


The Rise Of Vehicle Storage 

Vehicle storage offers several more perks than keeping your vehicle in the garage. If your garage is a bit cramped for your cars, bikes, or motorbikes, a top-notch storage facility like Wallaby Storage is the ultimate move. Think of it like giving your prized vehicle high-quality treatment, no matter where you are. 

Suppose you are a business owner changing your setup or just a car enthusiast wanting your vehicles to always be in good shape; there are several reasons to look past your front yard or garage. Vehicle storage can keep your wheels in tip-top condition, maintaining their market value and dodging unnecessary trips to the repair shop. 

Exploring the world of vehicle storage brings many benefits, including:

  • tight security
  • boosted value 
  • reduced costs
  • easy maintenance

So, why is it practical to consider vehicle storage? 

Benefits Of Using Vehicle Storage Services 

A few drivers may not know about vehicle storage. That is not a problem if you are one. Our vehicle storage is like a playground of options for your wheels, allowing you to store your vehicles with us and enjoy many cool advantages. Some of these will be outlined below: 

  • Free Up More Space 

When you choose Wallaby Storage, storing your vehicles becomes easy. You simply sign up, park, and forget about your vehicle until your next adventure calls. Our vehicle storage lets you reclaim that precious space, cul de sac, garage, or driveway, giving your life a breather from the chaos and stress. 

  • Rooms For Storing Cars, RVs, And Boats

Wallaby Storage is perfect for storing your car, RV, and boat. We have spots in all shapes and sizes, so whether it’s your sedan or large family RV, you have nothing to worry about. Tuck away the family truck whenever you are ready and swing by to grab it when you need it for your next road trip. This is usually helpful for getting more space in your home, especially the garage, to accommodate household items you may need regularly. 

  • Secure Vehicle Storage With A Surveillance Security System 

When you’re handing over your precious wheels to a vehicle storage provider, safety is a top concern. Thankfully, Wallaby Storage goes all the way to keep your vehicle secure. We have video surveillance and top-notch features that’ll make your car feel like it’s in Fort Knox. Plus, our entrance is super secure, meaning you are in charge, controlling who gets near your ride and when. 

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Rent Vehicle Storage With Wallaby Storage 

We’ve got your back if your garage isn’t meeting your needs and you’re concerned about leaving your vehicle on the street. Wallaby Storage is here to make your life a breeze with affordable and rock-solid vehicle storage. You only need to pick a handy spot, choose the unit that suits your car, and you’re good to go. But first, why not learn more about our vehicle storage? 

Who We Are

Wallaby Storage is an accredited vehicle storage offering more than your typical vehicle storage. With many years of industry experience, we have built an enviable reputation as a leader in all things storage, from small and medium vehicles to large cars and boat storage. Here are a few reasons why we are the preferred storage facility; 

  • We take great pride in providing more than storage space for vehicles. 
  • We offer onsite lighting, and this allows you to undertake repairs and maintenance on your vehicle with us anytime. 
  • Our onsite team is available five days a week to attend to any concerns you may have and offer expert support to get more from your vehicle storage. 
  • You can utilise our safe and secure storage units and containers for a wide range of tools, including fishing, scuba, or diving equipment and snow gear, until you need them. 
  • Our customers enjoy affordable rates when they hire our trucks and vans. That means you can pick your possessions anytime suitable without having to deal with the hassle of finding removalists. 
  • Wallaby Storage offers expert removalists services to guarantee your items are moved safely with the greatest care at pocket-friendly rates. 
  • We are the only ISO:9001 quality accredited storage services monitored remotely in Melbourne. 
  • Aside from a large passenger and goods lift, we offer a complimentary onsite trolley to our clients, eliminating the strain of moving and storing items. 
  • Our storage is fully patrolled, secured, and monitored around the clock using state-of-the-art security systems. 

Why Choose Us

There are several factors to consider while choosing the best place to store your vehicle and other individual and business items. Although it is undisputable that Wallaby Storage is among the leading vehicle storage in Australia, we are keen to spot new trends and innovations to maintain our top spot in the industry. Here is why you should choose us for your vehicle storage. 

  • We focus on security to provide you with total peace of mind. With cutting-edge technology, including 24-hour CCTV surveillance, you won’t find greater security anywhere else. 
  • In addition to offering an added degree of protection, our onsite managers are always available to give amazing customer service, answer inquiries, and offer valuable assistance. 
  • Our secure electronic control system for access allows you to store and retrieve items anytime you need them. 
  • You can store for a while or as short a time as you need without incurring any penalties. 
  • Ample onsite parking allows you to easily reach your stored items, use our hot desk service, or do business from your space. 

Other Considerations

In addition to the above, there are other factors worth examining to ensure favourable outcomes when leaving your car in a vehicle storage facility.


How Does the Weather Affect Your Vehicle? 

First, consider how shifting temperatures might affect your car. Cold weather may impact your vehicle in a number of ways, including: 

  • When the air in the tires gets colder, it tends to compress and loses pressure. 
  • Winter may be incredibly harsh on batteries, especially if you only use the vehicle for short or fewer trips. 
  • Oil thickens when it’s cold, making it a little tougher for your engine’s oil to pump to distribute it. 
  • Cold weather can cause the synthetic materials on the blades of your wipers to become brittle, making them prone to splitting and tearing. 

Also, the extreme heat can lead to several car problems:

  • Excessive heat can lead to rusting in your car battery, resulting in limited current flow. 
  • Lengthy exposure to extreme sunlight and high temperatures can affect your interior, with dashboard parts, fabric, and trim materials fading over time. 
  • The hot weather can cause your engine to overheat. 
  • Excessive heat can cause wear in your tires while exacerbating existing damages. 
  • Hot temperatures can cause fluids in your vehicle, like engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant, to dissipate more quickly. 
  • Rising temperatures may cause fuel to evaporate faster, potentially resulting in vapour lock, poor fuel efficiency, and engine performance concerns. 


Preparing Your Car For Storage

Many people struggle to locate vehicle storage solutions for their vehicles while they are on lengthy overseas trips or deployments. Whether you possess a classic car and the seasons shift to more unfavourable circumstances, or your job requires you to go to a location where you are unable to transport your vehicle, Wallaby Storage’s vehicle storage is an excellent way to maintain your investment without selling it. Regardless of the state of your car, it would be best if you took the following precautions to safeguard its inside. 

  • Change the oil prior to putting the car in storage. This decreases the likelihood that the oil will be in poor condition when you restart. 
  • Clean the inside by tidying and removing any rubbish and other things, decreasing the odds of any odours that may attract bugs. 
  • Wash the outside as well; a decent waxing will assist in protecting the body. The vehicle should be entirely dry before it reaches the storage facility and should be adequately covered. 
  • If you’ll be storing it for longer than 30 days, it’s best to fill it up with gas. Also, remember to top it off to keep moisture out of the tank, as an empty tank causes the seals to dry up. When left alone, the car’s battery will gradually lose charge. Every two weeks, have someone start the automobile and drive it for at least 10 minutes. Driving the automobile regularly will assist in keeping the battery charged and the engine and its components oiled. 
  • If you leave your car alone, the tires may develop flat patches when the vehicle’s weight pounds against the tire imprints. So, ensure that your tires are filled to the proper pressure level. If the storage duration exceeds thirty days, it is best to remove the tires and set the vehicle on jack stands at each corner. That takes more effort, but it decreases the need for a new pair of tires. 
  • Also, inspect the wipers on your windshield to determine whether the rubber has broken. 


How Much Does It Cost To Keep A Car In Storage? 

At Wallaby Storage, we keep it simple when it comes to how much it will cost you to store your car with us. The cost depends on the specific services you seek with us, how long you plan to let your car stay with us, and your space requirement. 

There’s no need to commit to a long-term agreement, as we’re flexible enough to accommodate your monthly needs. Your car can stay with us for as long or as briefly as you want without any extra billing. If you’re feeling a bit lost on how much space you need and the cost, no worries, we’ve got your back. Check out our nifty space calculator; pick your needs, and you’ll know exactly what it will cost you. 


Contact Wallaby Storage Today! 

Vehicle storage provides additional benefits and ensures you receive the greatest expert care. If you need a location to keep your assets till they reach their final destination, you’re in safe hands. Also, suppose you have an unused inventory of fleet cars that require long-term storage or need a temporary location for storing and deploying them to a new car owner. In that case, Wallaby Storage offers the extra space you require. From the minute your car enters the storage unit until your return for it, our crew guarantees that it is accessible, well-cared for, and in excellent running condition. 

Call us today at (03) 9045 6229 for a free vehicle storage quote and also learn more about our professional storage units for the best car care. 

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