Maximising Your Self Storage Space: The Vertical Advantage

23 October, 2023

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Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, business owner or seasoned storer, or anyone else looking for office or home moving tips and storage advice that will save you money and maximise your storage efficiency, this article’s for you.

In it, we’ll share some advice on how to make the most out of your self storage space, so you can save money and still have plenty of room to keep your unit organised and easy to navigate.

The trick, in a nutshell, is to think in three dimensions. It’s easy to approach storage space thinking only in terms of floor area, but storage units also offer a distinct vertical advantage. 

By utilising the vertical space in your unit to its full potential, you can store much more in a smaller space than you might expect and keep your belongings organised, making your self storage experience easy and affordable.

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The Benefits of Properly Packing Your Storage Unit

Properly packing your storage unit is essential for many reasons. Here are just a few of the benefits.

  1. Save Money

    Self storage spaces are priced per square metre, with larger storage units costing more. By using our 3-D packing techniques, you’ll be able to safely store more items in less space, which translates into substantial savings for your business or family.

  2. Space Efficiency & Organisation

    When you pack your storage unit with a 3-D plan in mind, you can maximise the use of available space. This means you can store more items without upgrading to a larger unit while still maintaining a high level of organisation that allows you to easily find whatever you are looking for when you need it.

  3. Accessibility

    Well-organised storage units make it easy to access your belongings. Imagine a neatly packed unit where you can find whatever you need when you need it, without having to constantly unpack and repack the contents of your storage unit.

  4. Safety

    A well-packed unit reduces tripping hazards and obstacles that hamper movement within the storage area. And, if your items are properly stacked and secured, they will also be less likely to collapse, fall over and get damaged.

The Vertical Advantage

Here’s how to utilise the vertical space in your storage unit to store more for less.

  1. Plan To Pack Your Unit Three Dimensions

    Think of your storage unit as a three-dimensional cube, and plan to fill it accordingly. So you can make the most out of all three dimensions—length, width, and height. Grab a pen and paper or digital drawing tablet and plan your storage unit layout before moving day. This will give you a clear idea of where each item is stored and how to optimise your storage space.

  2. Smart Stacking

    When you start packing your storage unit, stack items vertically. Be mindful of packing heavier and bulkier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top to prevent crushing.

    Use robust, uniform-sized, high quality packing boxes to create stable stacks. Ensure that you place the lightest items at the top to prevent cave-ins. And pack the most frequently needed items close at hand for easy retrieval.

  3. Install Shelving

    Invest in sturdy shelving units to help you take full advantage of vertical space. Place shelves along the walls and stack boxes, bins, or other items on them. Adjustable shelves allow you to customise the space according to your needs. You can also label the shelves for quick identification of their contents.

  4. Utilise Nooks & Crannies

    Don’t forget to use every nook and cranny of your storage unit. Awkwardly shaped objects can be tucked away in corners. Small items can be stored in drawers or in the gaps between larger items. Stack tables upside down and use the space between the legs to store boxes and containers.

Tips for Decluttering & Organising Your Storage Space

Here are some additional tips to help you declutter and organise your storage space effectively:

  1. Categorise Your Belongings & Colour Code

    Sort your items into categories, such as seasonal decor, household items, or sentimental belongings. Store items from the same category close to each other. Use different coloured labels and marker pens to label boxes and containers, so you can instantly recognise which category they belong to.This makes it easier to determine where each item should go in your storage unit.

  2. Label Everything

    Labelling is your best friend when it comes to staying organised. Using clear, descriptive markings in permanent marker directly on boxes, bins, and shelves offers the most durable labels.

    If this is not possible, use high quality labels that will remain attached over long periods of time, through temperature extremes, humidity fluctuations, so you’re easily able to identify your stored items.

  3. Create Aisle Space

    Leave some space between stacks and shelves in your storage unit to create aisles that make it easy to access stored boxes and containers. You should be able to walk between stacks and shelves to identify and access stored items without having to rummage or move everything around.

  4. Create & Maintain an Inventory

    Maintain a digital inventory of the items in your storage unit, print out a copy and keep it near the door of your storage unit to help you navigate the space easily. Remember to update it whenever you add or remove items. This list will be a lifesaver when you need to locate something specific.

The vertical advantage delivers a stress-free storage experience

By maximising your storage space through vertical stacking, shelving, and smart organisation, you can transform your self storage unit into an efficient, accessible, and organised space, making your self storage experience a breeze.

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